How To Be A Great Writer

How do you become a great writer? Here are some of my experiences that can help you develop your skills.

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Travel Seoul to Beijing and Back

I recently travelled to the capital cities of South Korea and China–Seoul and Beijing respectively. Now, it’s your turn. Here is some information to help you get started.

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Editor Shares Why He Left Taiwan

I enjoyed living abroad, but eventually I realized that it was time to come home. Here are some of my reasons.

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A War Breaks Out: Would You Stay or Go?

Many travellers and expats are faced with a tough decision when a war breaks out in their visiting country: stay or, if possible, fly home. Would would you do? Read what some of The Weekly Wanderer‘s readers and writers had to say.

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The Music of Taiwan

Did you know the haunting chant in Enigma’s “Return of the Innocence” was originally recorded by an aboriginal Taiwanese couple? Neither did I.

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ESL Schools vs Foreign Teachers: A Fight for Survival

Research is important if you plan to teach abroad. I share my experiences working with English schools in Taiwan.

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