Behind the Scenes with L’Oro Jewellery

Canada’s L’Oro Jewellery recently opened a mega store at the Sherway Gardens Mall in Etobicoke, Ontario. Co-owner Haigo Derian has more details on this late breaking news.

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Phill Profiles Rainbow Foods for IHR Magazine

A month ago, I conducted a very interesting interview with Mischa Kaplan about his family’s store, Rainbow Foods. The Ottawa-based business is one of Ontario’s largest independent health retailers. This interview turned into a cover story, which was recently published in Integrated Health Resources (IHR) Magazine.

One valuable lesson I learned from Mischa while writing the story is that sometimes you have to step away from day-to-day operations to develop your business. He and his wife Sarah did just that to take Rainbow Foods to the next level. “Opening the second store was a lot of work and opening a third location wouldn’t be possible if we had to be on the floor full time.”

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How Profanity Can Hurt You

You get angry, so you swear, right? Where is the harm? Well, studies show that colourful language isn’t as harmless as you think. Continue reading “How Profanity Can Hurt You”

Building Communities Without Computers

Most of us converse through email and social media; however, nothing replaces the face-to-face social experience. Here’s why.

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The Humble Beginnings of The Weekly Wanderer

From newsletter to website to blog: the humble beginnings of The Weekly Wanderer–two years later.

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