Online Radio Embraces Positive Music

New radio station plays Christian and mainstream music

NewReleaseToday bravely crossed genre barriers with its new radio station, NRT Radio Positive. Instead of focusing just on Christian music genres, the radio station combines faith-based music with positive mainstream music. Continue reading “Online Radio Embraces Positive Music”

Jewellers Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Canadian jewellers need protection against cyberattacks. This article gives information on how these retailers can protect their business–and customers.

Continue reading “Jewellers Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks”

WWE Legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart recently came to Pickering, Ontario, for an autograph signing engagement. I had the opportunity to get a picture with him. If only I had remembered to remove my glasses.

How to Protect Your Medical Information

Cyber attacks are on the rise and medical information can be cashed in for a healthy premium. So, how can we protect patients’ medical information? Here is your answer.

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Behind the Scenes with L’Oro Jewellery

Canada’s L’Oro Jewellery recently opened a mega store at the Sherway Gardens Mall in Etobicoke, Ontario. Co-owner Haigo Derian has more details on this late breaking news.

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