Jessica Skeels Loses 100 Pounds

My cousin becomes a beacon of inspiration for our family.

Before: 277 pounds
After: 174 Pounds

Most of her life, Jessica Skeels has carried extra weight. She knew this, but ignored her desires to change. But, when Jessica was selected as the maid of honour for her sister’s wedding, she couldn’t ignore her desires for change any longer. Jessica shares her story of triumph with The Weekly Wanderer. Continue reading “Jessica Skeels Loses 100 Pounds”

How to Love Vegetables

Your new plan that can turn your hate into love

I used to hate vegetables. No word of a lie. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus—yuk! But that’s changed. I can, say with confidence, I love some vegetables. But how?

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Food for Thought

What is “good nutrition?” Here today, gone tomorrow studies don’t have the answer. Food marketers claim to have the answer. But we have our own answer.

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Your Morning Fruit and Spinach Shake

Start your day off with this cup of nutrition, packed with vitamins, fiber, iron, magnesium, and so much more.

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Thinking of Becoming a Vegetarian?

Are you tired of eating meat and want to become a vegetarian? Here is how you can make this very important lifestyle change carefully.

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Eat to Beat the Heat

Summer’s heat can be very overwhelming. To remedy that, we have some suggestions on how you can beat the heat and keep yourself cool.

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