The Rise of Digital Journalism

Humber College was fantastic. I learned how to write, edit and think like a journalist on print and broadcast platforms. But, that was then—and this is now. Continue reading “The Rise of Digital Journalism”

Phill Profiles Rainbow Foods for IHR Magazine

A month ago, I conducted a very interesting interview with Mischa Kaplan about his family’s store, Rainbow Foods. The Ottawa-based business is one of Ontario’s largest independent health retailers. This interview turned into a cover story, which was recently published in Integrated Health Resources (IHR) Magazine.

One valuable lesson I learned from Mischa while writing the story is that sometimes you have to step away from day-to-day operations to develop your business. He and his wife Sarah did just that to take Rainbow Foods to the next level. “Opening the second store was a lot of work and opening a third location wouldn’t be possible if we had to be on the floor full time.”

You can read the full story here.

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