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Legacy 23: Best Songs of 2015

The Weekly Wanderer’s best songs of 2015.

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Rock Your Workout

Pop and dance music are not your only options Continue reading Rock Your Workout

How To Watch A Foreign Movie

Watching foreign movies aren’t really that appealing to watch. But, I have some reasons why they can be entertaining–here’s how. Continue reading How To Watch A Foreign Movie

Don’t Leave Your iPod at Home

Excercise + Travel + Music equals the ultimate entertainment experience. Music helps to motive you to exercise, which is very helpful when you travel. Here’s why.

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Wandering With Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson loves to travel. The famous ’80s pop singer shares her favorite travel stories with The Weekly Wanderer.

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Halloween @ Canada’s Wonderland

What is the scariest thing you will find at Canada’s Wonderland? Nope, it’s not the price–it’s the roller coasters.

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The Music of Taiwan

Did you know the haunting chant in Enigma’s “Return of the Innocence” was originally recorded by an aboriginal Taiwanese couple? Neither did I.

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