Legacy 19: Best Songs of 2011

 The Weekly Wanderer’s best songs of 2011. Continue reading “Legacy 19: Best Songs of 2011”


8 Realistic Love Songs

Tunes that show us the true meaning of love.

Every year, companies such as Hallmark, make a bundle on cards, chocolate, flowers, and other Cupid-related items. Many people dislike Valentine’s Day because of the commercialism, but I, on the other hand, adore this magical day of love. Continue reading “8 Realistic Love Songs”

Wrestling’s 5 Best Entrance Theme Songs

See what songs set the tone for a good wrestling match

Part of a good wrestling match is the entrance. Music adds drama to a wrestler walking through the curtain. Wrestling themes set atmosphere in the arena, adds personality to the wrestler and invokes emotion in the fans.

Continue reading “Wrestling’s 5 Best Entrance Theme Songs”

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