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Cardio On The Go

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Get Fit with Nordic Walking

5 ways to improve your walk and overall fitness Continue reading Get Fit with Nordic Walking

Rock Songs for Your Workout

Add these rockers to your playlist.

Every seasons has cool workout songs. Here’s what I’ve been listening to when I hit the gym.

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Fitness Provides A Healthy Distraction

A little focus on your fitness can help keep on your track while you travel. Here’s how.

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Perfect Your Walking Performance

How efficient is your walking performance? Protect your back and feet with these technique tips for effective nordic walking. Continue reading Perfect Your Walking Performance

De-stress with Fitness

Fitness can relax the body. Some of us who workout vigorously might disagree. But, here is some info that will give you another reason to exercise.

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Cesaro’s On-the-Road Workout

In this exclusive interview, Claudio Castagnoli, also known as current WWE superstar Cesaro, gives advice on how to stay fit and eat right.

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