The Rise of Digital Journalism

Humber College was fantastic. I learned how to write, edit and think like a journalist on print and broadcast platforms. But, that was then—and this is now.The Internet, mobile technology, social media, et cetera, has changed journalism. Some say journalism is dying. I disagree. It’s only changing. Sure, “digital journalism” has its pitfalls (that’s another post). But, we still want news, information, and the list goes on.

Yes, print and broadcast platforms are crumbling. But, journalists—writers and editors—are still very relevant. Our job descriptions are just different. We’re doing more than asking stakeholders for content or calling sources for a story. Now, we’re writing 300-word blogs and short, catchy phrases for Facebook and Twitter. We have to know SEO, accessibility and other things to deliver quality online content.

Where “digital” journalism is going is exciting and scary. But, we journalists are still here—and we’re ready for the change. iT!

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