Cardio On The Go

Calorie burners for the wanderer on the go.


When you’’re traveling overseas, it’’s difficult to have an “official” workout. If your vacation or travel experience overseas doesn’’t have a lot of walking, here are three cardio options for your hotel room.

You can build up the sweat just by jogging up and down the stairs. Your quads, glutes and hamstrings get a good workout, plus you’’re blasting fat.

Slip a skipping rope into your backpack to use at your hotel. Skipping is a high-intensity exercise for anyone who doesn’’t have joint ailments. Skipping rope will give you an excellent sweat. Push back the furniture in your hotel room and skip away. Just make sure the ceiling is high enough to do so.

Check and see if your hotel has a gym. Then, before you begin your travel day, slip into the gym for half an hour. If that’s too much time, then do a few exercises in your hotel room. Stretching is highly advisable. It will help give you energy for your day.

Get up an extra 30 minutes and swim as many laps as you can for a total-body cardio workout. Swimming doesn’’t place much pressure on your joints, plus it supports your weight, builds muscular strength, increases endurance and burnsof calories (great for the wanderer trying to lose a few pounds). iT!

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