8 Realistic Love Songs

Tunes that show us the true meaning of love.

Every year, companies such as Hallmark, make a bundle on cards, chocolate, flowers, and other Cupid-related items. Many people dislike Valentine’s Day because of the commercialism, but I, on the other hand, adore this magical day of love. Saint Valentine was a preacher who secretly married couples at a time when it was against the law to do so. He was martyred for his efforts, and, consequently, laid the foundation of what would one day become Valentine’s Day.

Instead of the flowers and special dinners, let us truly focus on the definition of love. I have compiled a list of songs that brings 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 to life. These songs truly speak to our significant other in a real way–not just red hearts, naked cupids, and yummy heart-shaped chocolates.

Sanctus Real – Lead Me
“Lead Me” is a song that speaks to men about loving their spouse or girlfriend. In the first verse, lead singer Matt Hammitt sings about taking responsibility as a husband–lifting up his wife when she feels alone. In the second verse, Hammitt sings about being a real father–guiding his children through life. In the third verse, Hammitt asks the Creator of the Universe to help him be a good husband and father “because he can’t do it alone.”

In picture frames I see my beautiful wife/Always smiling/But on the inside, I can hear her saying/Lead me with strong hands/Stand up when I can’t/Don’t leave me hungry for love/Chasing dreams, what about us?/Show me you’re willing to fight/That I’m still the love of your life/I know we call this our home/But I still feel alone.”

Matt Hammitt – All of Me
Hammitt, now former lead singer of Sanctus Real, penned this song about the struggles he and his wife have experienced with their very sick son. At the time, Hammitt’s little boy, Bowen, needed open heart surgery to fix Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a severe heart defect. Hammitt and his wife endured this difficult time while God held them together.

Many marriages fall apart due to health issues. I look at my parents, for example, who, thanks to God, have lived together through my brother’s life-threatening battle with liver disease. God helped them stay together despite the stress of possibly losing a child–many times over. Now that is a true Valentine’s story.

I won’t let sadness steal you from my arms/I won’t let pain keep you from my heart/I’ll trade the fear of all that I could lose/For every moment I share with you/You’re gonna have all of me/’Cause you’re worth every fallen tear/You’re worth facing any fear/You’re gonna know all my love.”

Third Day — Love Song
“Love Song” is a lyrical masterpiece. The lyrics speaks from the point of view of Jesus Christ, who shares what he’s gone through to save us from eternal damnation. So many times we say to our significant others that we will walk on water or die for them. Of course, we speak of this without going through the experience. Jesus did this, which makes this a true authentic love song. This piece spoke to my wife and I on so many levels; we even had a close friend perform it at our wedding.

“I’ve heard it said that a man would swim the ocean/Just to be with the one he loves/How may times has he broken that promise/It can never be done/I’ve never swam the deepest ocean/But I walked upon the raging sea.”

Brandon Heath — Love Never Fails
1 Corinthians 13:4-7: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Brandon Heath’s hit song, “Love Never Fails” is basically Corinthians 13:4-7 put to music. If you are looking for a love song this Valentine’s Day, cozy up with your significant other on the couch and put this beautiful piece on repeat. Don’t forget the candles and chocolates. If you are soon to be a newly wed, ask your DJ to play this famous piece–maybe as your first song as husband and wife.

“Love is not proud/Love does not boast/Love after all/Matters the most/Love does not run/Love does not hide/Love does not keep/Locked inside/Love is the river that flows through/Love never fails you.”

Amy Grant — That’s What Love is For
“Heart in Motion,” Amy Grant’s successful attempt to penetrate the mainstream music market, spawned five chart-topping singles. “That’s What Love Is For” was the third single from  the album. In the song, Grant sings that love can rise above any disagreement or hurtful conflict.

She sings: “Melt our defenses/Bring us back to our senses/Give us strength to try once more/Baby, that’s what love is for/That’s what love is for.”

Warren Barfield – Love is Not a Fight
“Love is Not a Fight” challenges listeners to move past the “fight” and embrace the “love is worth fighting for” message. This inspirational song was featured in the 2008 film, Fireproof, a movie about a couple on the verge of separation, that, thanks to God, reconcile just before the end credits.

“Love is a shelter/In a raging storm/Love is peace/In the middle of a war/If we try to leave/May God send angels/To guard the door/No, love is not a fight/But it’s something worth fighting for.”

Jesus Culture (featuring Martin Smith) – Song of Solomon
The Song of Solomon, the scripture also known as the Song of Songs, is a duet of sorts between Solomon and his new bride: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth; For your love is better than wine; your anointing oils are fragrant; your name is oil poured out; therefore virgins love you; Draw me after you; let us run.”The lyrics to Jesus Culture’s epic song, “Song of Solomon,” from the album Let It Echo, parallels Song of Songs with its intimate and passionate message of love. Martin Smith, the lead on Song of Solomon, sings in complete reverence to God.

“Do not hide me from Your presence/Pull me from Your shadows, I need You/Beauty wrap Your arms around me/Sing Your song of kindness I need You/Over The mountains/Here You come running my Lover to me.”

Steven Curtis Chapmen — I Will Be Here
I must admit I like when Christian singers release love songs that are on par with their mainstream counterparts. One such piece is Steven Curtis Chapman’s timeless classic, “I Will Be Here.” Chapman gives a message reassurance to his wife that no matter what life brings, no matter how she feels, no matter the uncertainty, he will always be there to comfort and support her.

“I will be here/When you feel like being quiet/When you need to speak your mind/I will listen/And I will be here/When the laughter turns to crying/Through the winning, losing and trying/We’ll be together/’Cause I will be here.” iT!

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