How to Love Vegetables

Your new plan that can turn your hate into love

I used to hate vegetables. No word of a lie. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus—yuk! But that’s changed. I can, say with confidence, I love some vegetables. But how?

First off, saying “I should love vegetables” doesn’t help. In fact, it makes things worse. It’s your internal mother saying, “Shame on you.” But what works? Here’s what I did.


What do soups, smoothies and salads all have in common? They’re methods you can use to mask the taste of vegetables—or at least, change the taste to something a little more palatable.

Many soups already contain vegetables. Add a few sliced carrots to chicken noodle soup and see how that works. If you’re okay with it, add another vegetable. When you’re comfortable, use your favorite ingredients (like cheese) and vegetables in soup broth (this is the healthiest option).

For me, shakes are the easiest way to mask that not-so-pleasant veggie taste. Raw spinach is the best ingredient for shakes, because it has almost no taste. The only drawback is that it turns your shake green. A cup of blueberries should help solve the green shake problem.

The core ingredient in salads—that is, lettuce—is a vegetable. This is already a win. From there, try a few ingredients you like, such as cheese and dressing. From there, add diced veggies, such as carrots and peppers.


Try adding veggies to your sandwiches (lettuce for me), lasagna (diced everything) and chilli (diced everything). As a pasta alternative, try spaghetti squash with ground turkey, pasta sauce and cheese.


This is where you can get creative. Try veggies with your favourite spreads—peanut butter, honey, hummus, ketchup, mustard and so on. Am I kidding? No way. I eat carrots, broccoli and snap peas with a healthy portion of peanut butter. It may sound gross, but I’m now able to eat these vegetables by the bowl full (sometimes on their own without peanut butter). Try peppers with hummus, or celery with peanut butter. Just note: red beets go well with ginger.

I don’t meet the ideal of eating veggies on my own. But, I’ve found ways to eat vegetables at least three times a day by using spreads and other foods to mask the taste. At the end, you’ll be eating plenty of vegetables. You can thank me later. iT!

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