Online Radio Embraces Positive Music

New radio station plays Christian and mainstream music

NewReleaseToday bravely crossed genre barriers with its new radio station, NRT Radio Positive. Instead of focusing just on Christian music genres, the radio station combines faith-based music with positive mainstream music.The radio station avoids mainstream music littered with swearing, sex, and other negative messages. Additionally, NRT Radio Positive gives those who can appreciate mainstream and Christian music an opportunity to listen to music without prejudice.

Many non-Christians won’t listen to Christian radio, because of its “God messages.” Many Christians won’t listen to mainstream music, because it isn’t Christian music. Hence, the “us versus them” mentality has created a divide, which consequently, has made mixing genres somewhat taboo. However, Kevin McNeese has addressed the “elephant in the room” with NewReleaseToday’s new radio station.

NRT Radio Positive acknowledges that a market exists for those who appreciate positive music, edifying songs that lift listeners up instead of tearing them down.

Like many of you, I myself grew up listening to mainstream music, and when I became a Christian, a lot of songs that contradict scripture hit the trashcan. Some of my favorite songs survived the filtering process, because there was no questionable content. Sometime thereafter, I decided to pursue mainstream music with positive messages. For myself, I didn’t want to be confined listening to one type of music.

So, over the next few years—and to this day—I constantly scour the charts to find songs with positive lyrics. Unfortunately, most popular mainstream music does not provide a lot of options. Furthermore, my search sometimes exposes me to the not-so-positive messages in the lyrics. This is one reason why many Christians stay away from mainstream tunes—which I can truly understand.

NRT Radio Positive gives listeners an option to listen to inspirational music—without an extensive—and sometimes dangerous—search. Moreover, the station gives non-Christians an opportunity to listen to positive music from mainstream artists. Importantly, non-Christians are also exposed to truth-speaking Christian music—of all types of genres. “I can’t believe this is Christian music.” You bet. iT!

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