Break the Weight Gain Cycle

One man’s journey to shed one-third of himself in 18 weeks


Obesity stats in the United States (and, increasingly, Canada) are staggering, but looking at an obese person’s unhealthy lifestyle can reveal how bad it really is. I can humanize the cold arithmetic.

Many obese people are mocked for their waist size and, in private, condemn themselves for eating too much and not taking control of their eating habits—just ask this issue’s Before and After guy, David Lacey. “You look at yourself in front of the mirror and call yourself things that are a lot worse that what others say,” confesses David.

It’s a vicious cycle: When David went out with his friends, he ate badly. When he came home, he ate badly—even though he wasn’t hungry. And when his head hit the pillow, he condemned himself for not eating healthier foods. Then, upon wakening, David would eat the same unhealthy foods all over again, like a fast-food version of Groundhog Day.

But one morning, David looked in the mirror and decided “Enough is enough.” He committed himself to losing weight, which he did through a daily workout that included cardio and weight training. His menu options changed from salty and sugary snacks to more-nutritious food options.

The shame of not being able to control his eating coupled with his desire to retain his health and not live in fear of dying from his obesity pushed David through his own doubts, insecurities and impatience. “I wanted to be thin immediately and I got impatient, but I kept looking at my old pictures and it helped me stay the course, eating right and exercising,” he told us during our recent interview.

Eighteen weeks later, David’s weight loss goals were realized; He’d shed more than one-third of his unhealthy weight. “It was a hard fight, but it was worth it,” he says. “My bouts with impatience really taught me to appreciate my life and realize that it takes time to drop the weight.”

David avoided becoming an obesity stat. He took control of his life, made the decision and followed through on losing weight. Are you ready to do the same?

This article was originally published in the January/February 2011 edition of Maximum Fitness Magazine.

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