Choosing Your Wedding Destination

Many long-time wanderers want to exchange vows in another country. If this is you, then consider a destination wedding. Here are a few details.


If you want to have a destination wedding, you’ll most likely want to have it at the same place as your honeymoon. Don’t be intimidated about pursuing an overseas wedding experience. According to, there are a number of wedding planners available who can help make the destination wedding of your dreams a reality.

You have many locations to choose from: Mexico, the Caribbean, or some other hot country. Some people opt to have weddings in Paris and Rome; these options are definitely a lot more expensive. A wedding/honeymoon combo can save you money and a lot less planning. If you still have doubts after speaking with a wedding planner, consult a friend who had a destination wedding. Remember, you get married once and you want to make sure that your wedding and honeymoon are unforgettable, not forgettable. iT!

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