Packing Tips for Your Weekend Getaway

Essential tips for easy and safe travel


– Always pack semi-casual clothing for when you want to dine at a more formal restaurant.
– Bring a lock for when you are using a locker for your luggage. 
– Photocopy your passport and keep a copy in your luggage if it is lost or stolen–particularly if you are travelling to another country.
– Keep your finances protected by putting $20 cash in your pocket, so you do not have to open your wallet. But, you do want cash to buy small items such as a bottle of water.
– If you know you are going to shop while you are away, then pack your belongings in a larger suitcase than needed, so you can have room to pack what you buy when travelling home.
– Bring a purse and wear pants that have zippers so that your wallet and other valuables are not easily accessible to thieves.
– If you are travelling in the summer, you will most likely need sunscreen and a hat.
– Lastly, don’t forget to make sure you have a large enough memory card for your camera. You don’t want miss out on any great special moments. iT!

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