Best Places For Working Overseas

What are some lucrative professions that can help pay for my bills, while living overseas? Here are some answers.

Making your country selection a little easier

Taiwan and South Korea can be the best places to teach English, because the pay is good and the cost of living is moderate. Japan is always mentioned as the most lucrative in pay, but with the high cost of living, saving is uncommon. From the teachers I’ve met, South Korea and Taiwan are the happiest mediums. I’d personally choose South Korea over Taiwan, because South Korea has four seasons like Canada–with little to no snow–and is not so muggy; although Seoul has poor air quality due to pollution. Finding employment within the service industry can also be advantageous to your global travel efforts.

My plan B is to go to Mexico to find work, teaching or serving. Speaking English makes finding work in the service industry easy, and if you’re good at it, you can do it anywhere. Tips are different from place to place, but it’ll pay the bills, for sure.
–Karli Vezina

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