Save the Environment While You Travel

Go eco-traveling or be a responsible traveler.

Photo credit: Dawn Meyer, Pixabay
Photo credit: Dawn Meyer, Pixabay


Eco-friendly travel has soared because people have become increasingly aware of environmental issues such as recycling and reducing vehicle emissions. Lowering the use of energy at home makes a difference and now your eco-travel vacation can also make a difference.

The most widely accepted definition of eco-tourism is offered by the International Ecotourism Society, which defines it as: “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” Ecotourism promotes an interdependent relationship between tourists and tourist destinations allowing travelers to give something to the communities that they visit, in addition to taking away a richer travel experience. In this way, ecotourism promises to reunite the positive idea of a traveler, with the mostly negative label of tourist.

Even if you’re not going on a eco-specific trip, you can still make a difference by appropriately disposing of recyclable waste. If, where you are, no recycling containers or programs are in place, then let them know so that they might start a program in the future. Even if they don’t, you can at least say that you made some sort of difference by recycling your trash. iT!

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