Zip Lining: The Ultimate Adventure

Tarzan can swing tree to tree. Can you?

You literally fly from tree to tree


Those who zip line know what the experience is all about: they soak in the spin-tingling mountain views as they walk off the edge of a lush valley and fly over tree tops. One zip line lover describes it as “being as close as you can get to flying across the top of the jungle.” For those interested in zip lining–such as yourself–the adventure begins when you push yourself off from a platform on one tree and zip along the cable to a platform on another tree. That’s right, you’re 20 to 80 feet off the ground flying between trees.

You can zip line in a rainforest, jungle or on a mountain resort.
If you prefer rainforests or jungles, then Costa Rica, Australia, or Peru are your best options. Rainforest or jungle tours are similar in style: the guide will educate you on the local wildlife on a jeep tour to the zip line site. The zip line experience at a mountain resort, such as Whistler (British Columbia, Canada) or Queenstown (Ireland), is usually near the base of summer green ski slopes and the first zip line is reachable via chairlift. The suggested locales are not the only places that offer zip line tours. You can find them all over the globe (Canada to Hawaii, Central America to South America, and South Pacific to parts of Southeast Asia).

Is training required?
The zip line tour operator will usually give you demonstrations beforehand, including a safety briefing and some “how to” information. The operator will show you how to put on the harness, latch on to the cable and how to break if you want to slow down while zipping on a cable. The session will also allow you to have a trial run where you’re raised a few feet off the ground so you get a feeling of what to expect when you’re in the air.

Can anyone zip line?
Usually, there are age restrictions to zip lining, so check with the selected tour operator beforehand. Some operators insist that participants be 18 years or older. It also doesn’t hurt to check weight or fitness requirements as well.

Is it expensive?
Prices for a zip line tour can vary (usually between $45 to $200) depending on length of the tour, style and site. Ask the tour operator what kind of packages they offer and don’t be afraid to check with other operators as well.

What do I wear?

It is essential that you dress appropriately for your zip line experience. Long pants, running shoes or hiking boots are your best safety options. Most tour operators will supply you with the other necessities such as a harness, gloves and possibly goggles. Once again, make sure to check with the operator when pre-booking your tour.

So the next time you’re planning your next trip, consider adding zip lining to your itinerary (it’s the next best thing to flying). See you in the trees. iT!

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