Cesaro’s On-the-Road Workout

In this exclusive interview, Claudio Castagnoli, also known as current WWE superstar Cesaro, gives advice on how to stay fit and eat right.

Wrestling’s Ring Of Honor star shares fitness secrets while travellingClaudio-Castagnoli


Since 2005, Claudio Castagnoli has impressed his fans with his in-ring prowess. Nicknamed the “Sweet Sensation,” Castagnoli is a former Ring of Honor (ROH) Tag Team Champion with fellow wrestler, Chris Hero. (He currently wrestles for WWE as Cesaro.) Despite Castagnoli’s many successes, he has to stay in ring shape, which means eating right and training regularly. These goals, however, are not easy to achieve.

Wrestlers, like Castagnoli, travel across the country to wrestle at different venues. Constant travel prevents regular workout routines and reduces healthy food options. Despite these challenges, Castagnoli has discovered ways to eat right and train regularly while on the road. Castagnoli shares these secrets with The Weekly Wanderer in this exclusive interview.

Q: How many times a year do you travel by air?

A: Oh, I stopped counting. This past December and January, I flew across the U.S. at least 10 times.

Q: How do you keep fit while on the road, and how long do your workouts usually last?

A: I try to get all my workouts in while I’m at home. Otherwise, I will make it work with whatever is available. I always bring my jump rope and elastic bands. My workouts last from 45 to 75 minutes.

Q: How do eat right while travelling across the country?

A: I started bringing my own food while I’m on the road, which makes it a lot easier to stay on my diet. If I eat out, I make healthy choices.

Q: Eating out isn’t always the best option, so what kind of packing techniques do you have that allows you to store food while travelling?

A: When I drive, I never leave the house without my cooler. If have to fly, I pack whole wheat tortillas, tuna, bananas, apples, canned chicken, cereal and other foods that don’t spoil if they are not cold.

Q: What are your four favorite exercises and why?

A: That’s a great question. I have a number of them.
Great basic exercise that works the glutes.
Push ups: I can do so many variations and, like squats, I can do them pretty much anywhere.
Pull ups: This strength exercise works so many parts of the body.
Dips: Another basic–yet very effective–exercise that I can do anywhere.

Q: What kind of advice would you give TWW readers looking to keep fit while on the road for an extended period?

A: If you’re determined, you can do a workout anywhere. If you are staying at a hotel for an extended period, ask the customer service desk where the gym is located. To eat right, try to get to a grocery store, and make sure that the hotel room has a cooler. If you eat out, make healthy food choices. iT!

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