Good Riddance, Canada

Many expats find happiness when they move to Canada. Edward Dalton has lived in Canada for more than 20 years–but he wants to go home. Here is his story.

English immigrant wants to return to home.


Edward Dalton came to Canada with his family in 1990. His father was given a job with a large car company with a salary that offered more than half of the family’s regular income. Edward was used to his somewhat quiet English borough, located outside of Birmingham, England; however, now he had to get used to small-town living in Newcastle, Canada.

“I didn’t want to move,” he says. “All my friends were going into high school and now I had to make new ones.”

Dalton described himself as a quiet introvert, even though he had no problems making new friends in Canada. In fact, he was friends with almost everyone at his high school. However, Edward didn’t consider Newcastle his home. Furthermore, his resentment toward his parents’ decision to leave England manifested itself into rebellion.

“Making friends was the easy part,” Edward recalls. “But, I didn’t want to leave England–that was their decision and not mine.”

Edward made various attempts to return to England. He even tried to enroll in the English army; however, kidney stones prevented him from getting accepted. “The army puts you through vigorous training, which includes long periods of time without water,” Edward explains. “However, when you have a kidney stone, you need to keep drinking water. This setback, among other body ailments, made it next to impossible to get accepted.”

Edward, now in his early thirties, has decided to stay in Canada. “I’ve built a life for myself here in this country. If I wanted to return to England, I’d had to go back to school or get low-paying employment that offers a lower quality of living.”

Edward hasn’t forgotten his English dream. “If the right opportunity comes along, I’m gone in a heartbeat and Canada will be a distant memory.” iT!

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