Don’t Leave Your iPod at Home

Excercise + Travel + Music equals the ultimate entertainment experience. Music helps to motive you to exercise, which is very helpful when you travel. Here’s why.

Music increases your motivation to exercise.

There have been several studies that have linked music to exercise intensity and better physical performance so don’t forget to take your iPod or MP3 on vacation with you. Whether you’re doing a quick 30 minute hotel room workout, or running through the local town seeing the sights, listening to music can motivate you and help you push harder. Try to select music that corresponds closely with the pace of the exercise you’re doing and vary the music play list to keep your interest. – Linda O’Byrne, ISSA

Kutless — “Treason”
Skillet — “Monster”
Linkin Park — “New Divide”
Collective Soul — “Heavy”
Creed — “Higher”

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