Wandering With Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson loves to travel. The famous ’80s pop singer shares her favorite travel stories with The Weekly Wanderer.

Take a trip back to the 90s.


Deborah_Gibson_headshotDebbie Gibson was one of my favorite singers growing up, so you can imagine how I excited was to interview her about her travel adventures. Most of the time, travel for the 80s pop artist involved touring across the country singing for her fans. However, Gibson has recently found another purpose for travel: relaxation. Gibson shares her travel experiences with The Weekly Wanderer in this exclusive interview.

TWW: Deborah, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. What has kept you ‘on the road’ lately?

DEBORAH: In the past few weeks, I’ve been doing something rare–traveling just to breathe, to be with my man, and write songs. I spent the better part of summer ’09 passing the torch to young performers and songwriters through my “Electric Youth” camps and just did a benefit for (former N’Sync singer) Joey Fatone’s Family Foundation to help build a studio for kids with cancer at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this year, I was in Quebec City, which was gorgeous. I was all about sampling the amazing French cuisine.

TWW: I agree. Quebec City is gorgeous. I don’t know much about French cuisine, but I do love the good ‘ol poutine–fries with cheese curds and gravy. When you’re on the road, do you get a chance to play tourist and visit the nearby local sites? Any particular favorite spots or favorite locations? What memorable moment on the road in particular stands out in your mind?

DEBORAH: I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life doing eight shows a week for months on end. I love being nomadic. My goal is always to find the local lakefront town with antique stores, homemade ice cream parlors, and the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong; I love the tourist hot spots, but I always seek out the unique part of a city. I was in Salt Lake City doing a series of Christmas Concerts and found a used bookstore. I found a Liberace biography and a handwritten letter from his brother and a 1957 Western Union telegram fell out of it! This is super cool because I own one of Liberace’s all glass and mirrored pianos!

TWW: That’s pretty amazing. I first saw Liberace play at the first WrestleMania. He performed well, then, I thought. He died at a time (1987) as you were just breaking into your career. First there was pop and then you did Broadway. To us weekly wanderers, Broadway is a very cultural experience, particularly when visiting New York. How did you originally get involved with Broadway? Why did you leave? Do you have any plans on ever going back?

DEBORAH: My first dream in life was to be a Broadway star. I am anxiously awaiting the right role at the right time. Hard to top Cabaret-that experience was amazing. One of my favorite moments was when Rudy Giuliani, who was mayor during my stint in Beauty and the Beast (I sang at his inauguration) came out onstage at my closing performance and presented me with three-dozen roses.

TWW: Talk about moments you’ll have for a lifetime. After Broadway, you started making studio albums again. Speaking of which, the last time you did a full-length studio album was in the early ’00s. Do you have plans on recording any new material? If so, when can we expect the release of your new album?

DEBORAH: I’m working on it now! You can expect it when it’s as great as it can possibly be!

TWW: I know your fans (including me) will be eagerly anticipating your new album. Now jumping from music to movies. In 2009, you played in the flick, Mega Shark Vs. Giant, do you have plans on taking part in any other new movies in the future?

DEBORAH: Well, I’ve now been spoiled by Mega Shark’s unparalleled success and only want to act opposite giant seafood (lol!). Actually, I love film and hope to do a great earthy grounded role at some point. A simple “no bells-and-whistles” film that captures life.

TWW: Many of The Weekly Wanderer‘s readers are honeymooners and destination wedding planners. What songs from your catalog would you recommend to help those celebrate their big day?

DEBORAH: Oooh–I have a song called “For Better or Worse!” And, there’s always “Lost in Your Eyes” I recently went to Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi. Great wedding spot! But, be sure to visit Natchez Manor and see chef John Vincent Bell for the greatest dining adventure. And, ask him about his blueberry sauce!

TWW: “Lost In Your Eyes” is an amazing song. It was one of my favorites growing up. There is a certain kind of innocence about it that I think can really bring out the romantic side of any listener. Is “Lost In Your Eyes” your most popular wedding tune?

DEBORAH: My agent initially didn’t know too much about me and it turns out that his daughter said “Dad, Lost in Your Eyes was my wedding song!” That’s the most popular for sure!

TWW: Thanks for taking your time to speak with The Weekly Wanderer, Deborah. Is there anything else that you’d like to add and that you’d like our readers to know about?

DEBORAH: For all else, go to debbiegibsonofficial.com. And, just want to say to your readers that I hope that life is treating them well–there’s so much
to enjoy. iT!

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