Enjoy Puerto Plata’s Resorts

I am a seasoned backpack traveler visiting a resort for the first time. The only item on the itinerary: relaxation.

Exploring vacations in the Dominican Republic.


Let’s see, a traveler is someone who marks the maps in their Lonely Planet Guide book and sets off for a new adventure, while a vacationer escapes their hectic life by seeking rest and relaxation. Got it. I’m not here to argue what’s better than the other. I’m simply setting up the mood where the traveler (me) explores a vacationer’s life in the Dominican Republic (DR). The benefit for you: a chance to get an intimate look at DR’s resorts.

Blue Bay Resorts gave this rookie vacationer a great first impression of DR’s resorts. Two of my nights were spent at Blue Bay. Accommodation was private, which is something I valued. It was easy to get around: I could walk to the beach and get to the food hall without climbing any stairs. The beach was a little small and the sand was rocky, but there were plenty of areas to sit back and relax.

The second resort, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, was exquisite. Since I was a member of the press, I received the VIP treatment. The secluded beaches at this resort were magnificent. All I could hear were the waves crashing against the shore while I laid on my white hammock with my non-alcoholic drink in hand. It’s too bad that LifeStyles didn’t have an off switch for my to-do list of a brain.

After the beach, my adrenaline picked up after a thrilling golf cart ride. Driving a golf cart for the regular Joe might not be a big deal, but since I can’t drive, it was like taking a roller coaster. It was thrilling for other occupants in the cart, too (kind of). Actually, the poor by-standards were hoping just to make it back to the lobby alive.

The five-star dinner was filling and the nightlife was interesting, as long as you go with someone. Drinks at this resort are on the house depending on the package that you have. My stomach didn’t take well to the alcohol, so I stayed true to my virgin (non-alcoholic) Pina Coladas.

These two resorts proved to me that vacationing can be just as enjoyable as traveling the world. Now, if only I could learn how to relax on a beach, then the resort life would be perfect. iT!

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