Build A Better Body With Christopher Daniels

Is fast food the answer?


You might have seen him get thrown around on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as “Suicide” or “Curry Man.” But, professional wrestler Christopher Daniels lives his life on the road. How does he deal with the stress and how does he keep fit? Let’s ask the man himself.

TWW: Hi Chris. Thanks for taking your time out of your busy wrestling schedule to speak with us. Speaking of busy schedules. As a wrestler, your job requires you to fly around to different cities throughout the United States and other spots in the world. How many times a year do you fly?

CHRIS: It usually averages out to about once a week. Sometimes I fly out two or three times a week. It’s about 100 trips overall.

TWW: That’s 99 more trips a year than I do. How do you keep fit on the road and how long do your workouts usually last?

CHRIS: It’s been easy for me to stay fit on the road because one of the first things I’ll do when I get to a town is look for the gym. I try to make that my priority. My workouts usually last about an hour, sometimes half an hour, but never more than an hour.

TWW: Any reason for that?

CHRIS: Anything more than that then you’re just going to be tired and if you have to wrestle the same day it’s just going to make your whole day bad.

TWW: That’s why not all of us eat healthy food on the road because it’s not readily available. Any eating-right secrets or is it fast food all the way?

CHRIS: Fast food is kind of tough to deal with, but these days most fast food chains have some sort of grilled chicken sandwich so those are usually your best bet. That’s the easy answer. Also, as many calories as I burn working out and wrestling I don’t have a problem eating a hamburger, as long as it’s not slathered in mayonnaise or have cheese on it.

TWW: Nice description. Some fitness magazines won’t even hint at the idea of even eating at a fast-food joint, but things change. Any specific favorites?

CHRIS: Usually, McDonald’s or Burger King. Their grilled chicken sandwiches are your best bet.

TWW: Many travelers pack an evenly balanced meal before they go out for a day’s worth of walking or do some other kind of active wandering. Do you have any other diet options for the wanderer on the road?

CHRIS: Most of my stuff is protein bars or protein shakes. The protein bars I usually pack in a Tupperware canister to keep them from getting squished. I can only get about six to seven bars in that (container) at a time. Usually that’s enough to get me through a trip. Also, I’ll bring a canister of protein powder with me to make shakes.

TWW: That’s actually a good tip for me. I love my protein powder. What kind of advice would you give TWW readers looking to keep fit while on the road for an extended period?

CHRIS: Just make working out your first priority of the day. When you wake up in the morning and you’re on the road, if you can, find a gym. Or even the hotel gyms will give you a chance to do cardio or have light enough weights that you can get some sort of cardio workout. If you make it a priority and get it out of your way, the rest of your day is free and that gives you that feeling of accomplishment. You get it done and move on for the rest of your day. iT!

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