Build Muscle With AJ Styles

The TNA superstar shares his fit-on-the-road secrets.


If you’ve never watched his depth-defying matches on Spike TV, you’ll know why AJ Styles, a wrestler with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), is popular with the fans. And due to his hard work ethic and lasting popularity, AJ Styles has enjoyed much success as the organization’s champion. However, there is a lot more to this man when the lights go down and camera stops rolling.

AJ commutes by plane at least 100 times a year. Add to that, the required workouts needed to keep his body in shape for not only taking lumps, bumps and body slams, but to look the part of the modern fit, professional wrestler for television. Let’s not forget that constant travel is very demanding on the body. How does AJ pin these challenges to the mat? Well, AJ recently took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with The Weekly Wanderer to share some of his secrets.

TWW: The common TWW reader tries to join exercise into their routine while traveling. However, your workouts  keep you in performance shape. How do you stay fit while on the road and how long do your workouts usually last?

AJ: I find a gym around the area.  That consists of about 45 minutes of working out.  If there’s no gym around, usually the hotel that we’re staying at has a little cardio gym.  If I get up in the mornings and go before I eat I’ll do about 30 minutes of cardio.  If it’s a little later and I’ve already eaten I’ll do about 45 minutes of cardio.

TWW: You definitely know how to remove the excuses from working out on the road. How about your nutrition? What kind of food do you consume while you’re on the road?

AJ: There’s not a lot you get to choose from. Some fast food places serve grilled-chicken sandwiches. At Subway, they always have somewhat healthy food. You have to pick and choose where you eat because healthy choices aren’t always readily available.

TWW: Eating out isn’t always the best option, so what kind of packing techniques do you have that allows you to store food while on the road?

AJ: There’s not really too much to packing because I bring protein bars or shakes. You can throw stuff like that into a bag and it doesn’t need much preparation.  It works out pretty well.

TWW: How about your training? Are there any specific exercises that you find yourself often doing while on the road?

AJ: I don’t have any favorite exercises. I always get on, find the workout of the day and do that. If for some reason I can’t do that, like I said before, I do a lot of cardio. The elliptical is my favorite cardio machine.

TWW: The Weekly Wanderer is also a great site for workouts as well. AJ, thanks for taking the time to speak with our readers today. What kind of advice would you give TWW readers looking to keep fit while on the road
for an extended period?

AJ: Always make time to work out. There are probably stairs at your hotel you can run.  There’s always a place to work out because even if there’s not a gym you can work out in your room.  There’s always something you can do. iT!