Men’s Hair Care for Home and Travel

Guys, impress your girl by taking care of your hair while at home and when you travel.

Three easy ways to take care of your hair

BY JEN FELTHAM, Hairstylist

You don’t have to spend two hours in the morning taking care of your hair. You really only need to follow three basic tips to good hair care.

Follow the label. Whether your hair is oily, dry or normal, wash thoroughly with a shampoo that’s specific to your hair.

Don’t scratch your scalp to clean it. You shouldn’t use your fingernails here: just gently massage the soap in and rinse out.

Most guys pass on this, but it’s a key element in keeping your hair healthy. Skip products with alcohol, and rehydrate your hair for a healthy shine. iT!

Originally featured in Maximum Fitness #10, Jan/FebĀ 2008
The information in this article is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of any healthcare professional. Consult your physician before beginning or making changes to your diet, nutritional, supplement, or exercise program.

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