Beat Culture Shock with Technology

When you move overseas, bring laptop. Your family will thank you for it.

Beat culture shock with technology.


When you’re overseas, culture shock may or may not become an issue at some point during your stay overseas. However, communication is difficult, because you don’t have a computer or a mobile device with you. Visiting the local internet café in your host country is inconvenient and costly.

Bringing your laptop gives you the opportunity to communicate with family members when you need to connect with them most. Besides connecting with home, a laptop is great for surfing the internet, making financial transactions, among other useful capabilities. Just be sure you have right connections and plugs suited for your host country before you leave home.

I recommend that you do not bring a mobile device, but invest in a used one once you arrive. Check with the mobile device retailer about connectivity requirements and credible service providers. Keep in mind that connecting with your family overseas using a mobile device is costly, so bringing a laptop is your best bet. Mobile devices are best used to communicate locally in your host country. iT!

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