Why I Blog About Fitness & Travel

I love sharing my passions with others through the written word. Here is why.

Combine your love for fitness and travel together.THOUGHTS+FROM+THE+TOP_Phill+Feltham


I can easily sit in front of a computer screen and write an e-mail or chat with a friend on Facebook, but answering a question like, “Why create a blog about fitness and travel?,” is harder to answer. I have many reasons why I write articles about my passions.

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for over ten years. I used to weigh in at a staggering 260 pounds, but after losing almost one hundred pounds of it, I feel like I can fly. Losing weight changed my life; my confidence skyrocketed and I started to live life very differently. I want to share these experiences with others, hoping my words can inspire men and women to do the same.

The same thing can be said for my love for travel. Until someone embarks on foreign waters, you have what I like to call a “local perspective,” meaning that you can’t really relate to anyone else’s way of life until you live in theirs. When I started exploring the globe, a seasoned traveler said to me, “You don’t know your home until you live in someone else’s backyard.” And that’s true. Travel changed my life the way fitness did. While not everyone may be able to relate to my experiences, I can certainly share what I’ve learned.

John Chow, a marketing genius who counsels people on how to bring in an income by blogging, once said that the best way to start a business is by selling a piece of yourself. That means putting yourself into the business. When you have a passion, it’s easier to sell something what you love to others, thus your business is more likely to achieve success. When you share your interests with others with passion, people will listen.

Often, interests overlap. When I moved to Taiwan, I lost 25 pounds and I set a personal goal for myself to work out in every country I travelled to. Of course, not everyone will make these types of goals. You could have different fitness goals or maybe a completely different perspective for being active.

You might be someone who enjoys an active vacation or you may be someone who wants to embark on a sporty adventure that requires a lot of physical exertion. I share my passions with you in The Weekly Wanderer by giving you a source for information, workouts, recipes, and itineraries.

I’ve given you some insight on why I have chosen to blog about fitness and travel. When you read the Wanderer, you will learn more about me, but, in turn, you will also learn more about yourself–particularly if you like fitness and travel. I invite you to share your passions with others whether it be through interesting conversation or the written word. People will learn from your experiences if you share them with passion. iT!

Phill Feltham is the publisher of The Weekly Wanderer. He’s travelled to more than eight countries and lived overseas for two years.

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