Halloween @ Canada’s Wonderland

What is the scariest thing you will find at Canada’s Wonderland? Nope, it’s not the price–it’s the roller coasters.

Using travel to enjoy All-Hallow’s Eve.

Phill smiles at the gloomy bride whose looking for her dead groom.
Phill smiles at the gloomy bride whose looking for her dead groom.


All Hallow’s Eve can be so much fun, particularly if you’re traveling. While I haven’t been on the road since June, I was able to spend my Halloween reliving my childhood in my second backyard—Canada’s Wonderland.

In the early ‘90s, I wouldn’t miss a year of roller coasters and funnel cakes. It was worth the purchase of a season pass ($89.00 back then, roughly $130.00 now), because I was visiting the park at least four to five times a season. May and June were the best months, because children were still in school so I wouldn’t have to worry about long lineups.

Fast forward to now and, after nearly a decade, I visited Canada’s Wonderland to experience the theme park’s annual Halloween HauntFest with my travel buddy, Tim Carroll.

After riding my first roller coaster, I felt like a kid again. The need to pursue the next coaster became paramount. Like an adrenaline junkie, I wanted to have my high. It was at that moment, I remembered why I frequented Wonderland when I was a youth. I, similar to other visitors, want an opportunity to be a kid—a chance to live on the edge of excitement.

As a grown man, my thrills have changed from fast-paced drops to exploring the unknown. While I’m on the road, theme parks most likely won’t be on my itinerary, but every once in a while when I’m not on the road, I’ll revisit Canada’s largest theme park to relive my childhood—on a roller coaster. iT!

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