Bleed On The Page

The real way to write.


In college, my professor and established author Antanas Silieka said that the best way to write is to bleed on the page. This concept involves writing from experience: the familiar subject matter that might be really difficult to write about.

Bleeding on the page involves digging deep inside your heart and soul and exposing your deepest and darkest secrets. Online business advisor John Chow says that your unique experiences are one of the best ways to market any blog or writing pieces.

On the flip side, great writers can put together any kind prose or pieces without having any experience, you just have to be convincing enough.

For wanderers, we collect experiences–like a coin collector searching for mint nickels and quarters. These experiences is what define their writing. When you read The Weekly Wanderer, more often than not, you’ll catch someone’s experience.

If you ever choose to write for TWW, we want to know your most intimate passions and pains about travel. Truly bleed on the page so that others can benefit from your experiences. If you need inspiration, you know where to find us. iT!

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