The Tower of London’s Bloody History

Executions and imprisonment only scratch the surface of the Tower of London’s bloody history.

“Send him to the tower!”


My favorite spot in England, by far, was the Tower Of London–a palace, fortress, and prison (for royal and other high-profile prisoners). Some unfortunate souls were imprisoned in one of the 20 towers, while others were “sent to the tower” for execution.

The Tower Of London’s infamous towers–the White Tower and the infamous Bloody Tower were my favorites–all have history. As a matter of fact, a married couple were locked together in the same room for 10 years–the result was death. Ten years without a break from one another, I would say, increases the fatality rate.

The Bloody Tower’s name also has a haunting story. Two English princes were murdered in the tower with their remains discovered years later in the tower stairways. Of course, new evidence suggests that these two young princes were, in fact, murdered in the White Tower–one of the biggest towers in London–originally built by William the Conquerer. Now, the White Tower is used to showcase England’s royal arms and armour. The armour worn by King Henry VIII and Charles I can be found in the White Tower.

Despite the Tower of London’s ugly history, the architecture is magnificent, and built differently. The Tower of London is also used for exhibitions: for example, the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, some of the most expensive jewelry in the world, is on display for tourists. You won’t be able to paw the jewels, because all items are encased in glass.

Just beyond the walls of the Tower of London is Tower Bridge. Many wanderers mistake the bridge for London Bridge. Well, the similarities are that cars both drive over them on the daily commute, but other than that, from an appearance perspective, both bridges are completely different. If you have a little extra time, you can catch the Tower Bridge Exhibition, and explore the interior of the two towers.

There was so much to see and such little time to do it in. As a wanderer, I suggest that you take a trip to England–it’s definitely worth the money. iT!

Phill Feltham is the Publisher of The Weekly Wanderer. He’s traveled across Asia and, most recently, started traveling Europe.

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