Ballad: A Poem for the Brokenhearted

A poem for the broken-hearted.


I’ll always see your face, In every lonely place.

Through out this world I go;
Knowing the tears you shed, the heartache you hid,
Will trouble me forever, I know.

But now has come the day, and it is time for me to say,
What my heart has foolishly hidden;
My happiness with you and a love that is true,
Grown in our hearts so quickly and unbidden.

Our walks out under the sun, and the rain would make us run,
I’ve never known such pleasure,
The Moon that shone down, the stars all around.
Are memories to treasure.

A moment of solitude and you would not intrude,
Quietly joining my thoughtful peace;
Romantic stares and endless happy tears
That my embrace seemed hopeless to cease.

Now the greatest cost, the cahnce that I have lost,
The many things we could have done;
Believe me now, as time will allow,
I wish it not but tomorrow I must be gone.

Though reasons bind me, mistakes behind me,
And a man’s life is never his own;
My dreams are yours, my heart implores
But my future will never be known.

Now I say goodbye and please don’t cry,
You’re the one I adore;
Our moments together, will last forever,
How could I ever ask for more.

Merle Feltham is a native of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Mr. Feltham is the Recording Secretary in his local riding association. He’s done some travel to Philadelphia and New York.

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