The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Do you want a vacation spot with gorgeous beaches? Here are my recommendations.

Getaway to that perfect sunny utopia


I am itching for a relaxing vacation at a gorgeous resort with a beautiful beach: the sun tan lotion, sand in my shoes, sun-baked skin, and À la cartes. Just writing this article from the comfort of my own home is painful without searching for deals on Expedia. How about you? Are you planning a nice vacation with gorgeous beaches, but need some destination ideas? I am here to help.

Thailand has some great beaches; however, any vacation is expensive if you are flying from North America. If you already live in Asia, Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to travel. I’ll get to a nice locale in Thailand momentarily; first, I want to give some great vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Ever wonder why Caribbean beaches are so popular–and often overcrowded? The white-sand beaches with warm, clear water could be one reason, and the beautiful backrop with coconut palms and craggy cliffs could be another. Sunbaths, beautiful postcard-like photographs, shell collecting, or swimming: Are you getting the picture now?

I do cringe a little when I consider a Caribbean vacation; there are so many destinations to choose from. Here are a few spots with beautiful beaches.

Crane Beach
Crane Beach is perfect for scenery, pictures, and swimming. This beach has soft white sands, which makes it comfortable for walking. The beach is also embraced by imposing cliffs and protected by a natural coral reef. Vacationers can access this sun-beach paradise through the Crane Resort. Check out fees and accommodations before you leave.

Placencia is a gorgeous peninsula, located in southern Belize with 16 miles of sandy beaches. The peninsula is divided into two parts: south of the airstrip and north of the airstrip. Vacationers can easily navigate the entire peninsula on a beach cruiser bike. This destination is a four-to-five hour drive from Belize city with daily domestic flights available–it’s inconvenient, but worth the trip. South Placencia gets busy with visitors; however, this area has the greater concentration of coffee shops, bistros, local restaurants, guest houses, among others.

For more info, read the info in the Caribbean Guide.
For even more beaches, visit

Thailand is well-known for its beautiful beaches. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re flying from North America, flights are expensive. However, once you’re in Thailand, accommodations and sight-seeing are cheaper.

Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, and Kolan
Pattaya and area
Pattaya Beach is great for water sports, such as paragliding and jet skiing. Located south of Pattaya is Jomtien Beach, a great spot for vacationers hoping to relax without noise. Kolan Beach, also located near Pattaya, has smooth white sand and cleaner water. Vacationers can access Kolan Beach from Pattaya by boat.

Ao Wong Duan
Ko Samet
Ko Samet, nicknamed Island with Sand Like Crushed Crystal, has beautiful beaches.  Fodor’s recommends Ao Wong Duan, because of its eye-catching half-moon bay. If Ko Samet gets too busy, vacationers can opt to relax at some of the nearby beaches.

For more reading, here is a link to the top ten beaches.

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Beaches like the calm, protected shores of Kapalua, Maui and the famed Waikiki Beach on O’ahu (the beaches of Starwood Hotels & Resorts) are popular because of their water activities and safe, calm conditions. Waikiki was once the playground for Hawaiian royalty. Today, the tourists relax and get away from the world, soaking in the beach’s beautiful Diamond Head. iT!

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