Poem: My Love

A dedication to Merle’s home, Newfoundland.


It seems so distant now,
A home that I used to have;
Memories my heart saved somehow,
It feels, at times, that’s all I have.

But I know the Island, far away,
Is as solid as the Earth, itself.
And stand, it always will, from day to day,
Guardian to the Ocean, home of its wealth.

Somedays I feel so very lonely
For the sights and sounds of my past,
But the salty ocean breeze only
Can ever raise my spirits fast.

So full of History, so full of Pride,
Built by people and their blood,
That gives me strength, deep down inside,
To return as I know I would.

And go where I yearn,
A place to grow and learn.
So well named, you sound grand,
Wild, untamed, Newfoundland.

Merle Feltham is a freelance poet.

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